Welcome to My Kindness Movement

Welcome! This blog is about following my journey to become kinder. The mission is to perform random acts of kindness whenever and wherever I can. I hope you will contribute with comments and suggestions, as well as your own kindness experiences.

50 Ideas - Acts Of Kindness For Your Work Colleagues/Clients

1. Make a new colleague feel welcome

2. Do the job that everyone hates

3. Tell your colleague if they look good that day

4. Encourage a colleague

5. Give a peer feedback

6. Tell colleagues about your Kindness project

7. Get your colleagues involved in helping to perform random acts of kindness

8. Organise an honouring diversity pot luck lunch

9. Organise a leaving collection or a special occasion collection

10. Leave inspiring quotes on peoples' desk

11. Give flowers when someone moves home

12. Give advice/support

13. Thank a colleague that does you a favour

14. Stand up when something is wrong

15. Bring treats to the team meeting

16. Reply to emails promptly

17. Work hard at making a teaching session interesting

 18. Avoid negative chat

19. Give lollipops to your partners

20. Give donuts to a hard worker

21. Share out a yummy cake

22. Give out inspiration cards

23. Help someone in a stressful time

24. Give sweets/cookies

25. Work hard to find a solution to a problem

26. Recognise when people are struggling

27. Buy a round of drinks on a social event

28. Pay if a colleague forgets their wallet/doesn't have enough money

29. Support a colleague's campaign to clean/tidy the office

30. Raise awareness of HIV

31. Use Freecycle to try and get items for clients

32. Inspire someone with great art

33. Recognise and praise kindness you see

34. Tell someone how amazing they are

35. Make the office environment fun/inviting

36. Contribute positively to developing processes

37. Not engage in gossipping

38. Buy a colleague a coffee

39. Give a muffin when someone is having a hard day

40. Remember a colleague's birthday

41. Bring leftover cake to work

42. Accept kindness

43. Be flexible

44. Buy a colleague lunch

45. Support a student/volunteer in their learning on the job

46. Give out smiles

47. Tell people what is great about them

48. Have a positive day

49. Say sorry with chocolate

50. Say one nice thing to everyone one day


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  2. Thank you very much and for reading!

  3. Loving your pictures and the simple and beautiful way you have put your story across - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comments :)


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